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East Pecos Solar, Pecos County, Texas



Produced in parallel with Turbines, this series of large-scale works depicts gigantic solar farms across the USA. Returning to the American landscape in 2018 following a five-year hiatus of working with satellite imagery, I was curious if the ideological shifts that marked the ‘End of Oil’ narrative had any visible consequences on the landscape. Sure enough, thousands of wind turbines and massive solar projects had appeared across Western and Midwestern States, and like the oil fields and feedlots that preceded them, the satellites had captured these renewable energy projects in great detail.

As traditional landscape photographs go, the dazzling patterns and configurations of these solar fields are unlike anything I’d seen before. Their geometric layout reflected instead a new technological aesthetic that had been inscribed on the Earth’s surface. This aesthetic shift no longer evoked the Abstract Expressionist-style of Feedlots and Fields but instead, seemed to echo the Minimalist paintings of Agnes Martin, Bridget Riley, and Frank Stella.

Archival pigment prints on metallic paper

List of works
East Pecos Solar, Pecos County, Texas (2018) 100x175cm
Garland Solar Power, Rosamond, California (2018) 115x139cm
Silver State Solar, San Bernardino County, California (2018) 110x180cm
Antelope Valley Solar Ranch 1, Mojave Desert, California (2018) 125x174cm
Alpine Solar, Rosamond, California (2018) 88x185cm
Solar Star 2, Rosamond, California (2018) 62x136cm

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