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Isle of Eddy Rhead, 2021

Isle of You


As an artist fascinated with mapping our cultural and technological landscape, I have become equally fascinated in how to map a life. Can a life be depicted through the contours, boundaries, landmarks, hazards and beauty spots that give it meaning? Can maps be biographies?

Isle of You is a rare chance to reflect and create a self-portrait that maps where you are now, where you came from, the events and people that have influenced you, the loved ones that give meaning to your existence, and the objects you can’t live without. There’s even room for the things you dislike since they shape us as much as the things we adore.

If you choose to participate, we’ll start a conversation about about the key places, characters, episodes and inspirations in your or a loved one’s life. From the details and stories that emerge, I’ll create a unique island portrait.

Available to order here.

Isle of Prokop Sanchez, 2021

Isle of Roberta & Roberta, 2022

Isle of Esther, 2022

Isle of Bruno Morais, 2021

Isle of Cristina de Middel, 2021

Isle of Renata Bianconi, 2021

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