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I’m Not the Only One, 2015
Single-channel video with audio (4:34 mins)


Abbie Leigh
Tamás Demes
Scary Penguin Productions
MaRyann Thomas
Monica Saldivar
Nikha De Guzman
Kelly Stuart
Sophia Marie
sharifa cruz
Ava Murray
Ciana Pelekai
Jack Rayder
Sina Jolanda
Ljo Official
Andy Merry Music


This Prophetic Virtual Choir Speaks to the Digital Dissonance of Modern Isolation, Alex Merola, Elephant, 21 October 2020 [Link]
Images of isolated people yearning to connect strike chord in SF gallery show, Tony Bravo, San Francisco Chronicle, 8 September 2020 [Link]
On Being the Only One in Fraenkel Gallery’s ‘I’m Not the Only One’, Sarah Hotchkiss, KQED, 21 September 2020 [Link]