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Baruch Henner (1843–1926) was a leading photographer of the 19th Century, working in the Polish–Ukraine border town of Przemyśl. As a young man, he took an interest in photography and became a student of Louis Lumière in Paris, one of the early pioneers of medium.

Henner’s first photographic studio was founded in 1874 in Przemyśl and he won medals at exhibitions in Vienna (1873), London (1874) and Lviv (1877). His sons, Bernard and Jakób, established Atelier Henner photographic studios in Lviv (1886), Jarosław (1890), and Cracow (1906). Jakób became Court Photographer at the Viennese court.

Baruch was my great, great uncle and as an artist working with photography, I’m fascinated by the potential to resurrect my ancestors’ 19th and early 20th century studios using 21st century methods. In resurrecting Atelier Henner, I consider my work to be a continuation of theirs, connecting the earliest days of photography to its most contemporary digital form.